Our Philosophy

Treatment programs are based on a close examination of the skin, a review of the client’s lifestyle, diet, and current skincare regime. All new clients are asked to bring their current skincare products to their first appointment. After an examination of the skin is made, a program of in-office treatments and at home regime is designed to meet the client’s needs. After an evaluation of the client’s current products, Angela Kulangi determines which will complement the new skin care program, then outlines which additional products are required.

There is no single product for everyone

That’s why at Total Skin, as a part of your customized program, Angela Kulangi combines products from a variety of high-quality lines – products chosen to work in concert with the chemistry of your skin to target your specific skin needs.

There is no single skincare regime for everyone

Your skin is a reflection of who you are and how you live. Your Total Skin skincare regime takes into account the minute details of your lifestyle – how you eat, sleep, travel and work – in order to create a program of products and product application for your skin alone.

Perfect your skin before you perfect your face

Considering plastic surgery? It’s important to bring your healthiest skin to such an important medical procedure. Depending on the planned procedure, Angela can create a series of treatments designed to not only optimize the skin’s overall health, but target specific areas of the face in preparation it for surgery in order to enhance the results of your surgery.

Skincare knowledge is power

An open dialogue during treatment means that clients always understand the procedure being performed and why it’s right for their skin. That’s why Total Skin clients leave with more than just glowing skin — they’re armed with the knowledge to successfully implement their customized skincare program.

Believe in the power of product

An unmatched understanding of the transformative power of products and product combining sets Total Skin apart. Working only with companies (mostly small family-run heritage brands) that share her obsession with quality ingredients, Angela Kulangi uses products to compliment her in office procedures and technology.